Social Responsibility

Social responsibility means that individuals and companies have a duty to act in the best interests of their environment and society as a whole. Social responsibility, as it applies to business, is known as corporate social responsibility (CSR), and is becoming a more prominent area of focus within businesses due to shifting social norms.

The crux of this theory is to enact policies that promote an ethical balance between the dual mandates of striving for profitability and benefiting society as a whole. These policies can be either ones of commission (philanthropy: donations of money, time, or resources) or omission (e.g., “go green” initiatives like reducing greenhouse gases or abiding by EPA regulations to limit pollution).

Social Responsibility @ DIGITAL TIPS

We, at DigitalTips, have taken upon ourselves to adopt a part of the social responsibility towards civil society by participating in some initiatives and supporting companies, organizations and other many individuals in the fields that we specialize in.
One of the services we provide under the heading of social responsibility:

– Digital Marketing Consulting Services
– Specialized workshops
– Drawing the correct digital path  for startups and charities
– Helping individuals gain the skills of digital marketing and e-commerce
-And many more

Our Success Stories

Participating with efe – Jordan (Education for Employment )  to provide all their members with free Digital Marketing consultation during 12/2020 


Creating job opportunities for Jordanian youth by providing an employer-driven quality training and placement program.

Participating with Ghaith Al Oqool initiative  to provide all their members around the MENA region with free Digital Marketing consultation during 12/2020 

Ghaith Al Oqool is an Arab initiative   encourge all kinds of people for online reading through social networks 

Participating with the Bana Consultation, Training and Research Center,  by enriching Arabic content on mental health through social media platforms.

Bana Center specialized in mental and psychological evaluation, building intervention programs, and conducting institutional studies

مركز بانا للاستشارات التربوية والتدريب
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